Civil Evasion Tax Investigation

Has HMRC opened a Civil Evasion Tax Investigation?

Although civil evasion investigations are rarely prosecuted criminally, this is not a guarantee, so all investigations must be taken seriously.

The HMRC will still demand your repayment of any tax owed together with interest and a large penalty, even if they do not file a criminal prosecution. Tax penalties of up to 100% of unpaid tax can be charged by HMRC unless the tax is owed overseas, in which case penalties of 150% - 200% can be charged. Certainly, this can have a very detrimental impact on a person's business and personal life. The investigations are conducted under different procedures and do not involve criminal prosecutions.

These procedures are as follows:

  • Code of Practice 8
  • Code of Practice 9
  • Code of Practice 11

You should seek specialist advice immediately if you are being investigated by HMRC.

You shouldn't shy away from any investigation, but you shouldn't let one consume you.

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